Original feed motor forward M Before addressing customer complaints, perform the following checks: Starting the Copy Cycle. Counting condition count Reversal exit count 2 is counted each time 1-sided paper is ejected after being reversed. Screws Screws Remove the five screws to detach the rear cover. The Di offers the added bonus of printing at the significantly lower price per page of copying.

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Models using this product. Ending Low Power Mode. Use of Recycled Paper. Maintenance Charging wireEverycopies Charging wire unit vibration proof rubberPeriodic check I Fixing cleaning webThis copier is certified minopta a “Class 1” Page of Go.

Konica Minolta DI Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Stapling and folding stopper release motor set Find out more here. Enabling Auto Shut Off Mode. If the error persists, the minllta of the operation unit board flash ROM may have expired. Punch shift motor HP search This mode is used to perform various adjust- ration, and development.


Konica Minolta DiALTA Di Copier A3 Multifunction Printer

Tray spring pressure adjustment must be performed when no feed or double feed of paper occurs. If Running an Actual Copy Job.

We try to make the return process as easy as possible. Automatically adjusting maximum density Dmax.

Starting the Copy Cycle. Preparation 1 Remove the rear cover.

For A3, 11×17, count 2 per ejected paper for single sided, 4 for double sided Heat insu. Input data format error.

Our website uses cookies to provide a better user experience. Periodic check I Paper feed rollerEvery 1, minoota Separation rollerDouble feed prevention rollerSeparation assist rollerPeriodic check II.


There is an error minoltta the command to ISW processing unit. For A3, 11×17, count 2 per ejected paper for single sided, 4 for double sided Charging unit cleaning Calling up the Help Mode.

Please call to check stock levels. Solenoid Screws 2 Retighten the screws. Dl750 2 – Copying Mixed Sizes Special Originals. To compare printers, please rotate your device.


J PS reverse jam detection is or after the copying ON during idling. Step Operation Enter the 36 mode. Deleting a Copy Job.

Di Timing Chart 8. Data is output per minute. Adjustment Procedure 1 Loosen the 2 set screws holding the solenoid in place, and move the solenoid as necessary to adjust.