A radical new construction method combined with a hot, thin alloy face creates the fastest Nike iron ever – and faster ball speeds off the face means more distance. That PowerBow design has been slightly enhanced, as it now wraps around the toe. From there, the iron face is precision milled, leaving a perfectly flat exterior. Nike Irons Reviews Refine your search. All new X3X high-frequency grooves and a more precise forging process create irons that offer shot-shaping performance for the top players in the world. And when I did miss, it felt like the SQ MachSpeed did not compound the miss, but rather helped to straighten it out — I definitely noticed that my misses were less severe with this driver.

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As a company, Nike Golf has a bit of a new approach to the golf market.

Search Advanced Search section: For me the SQ Machspeed was straighter than both my Dymo and VR surprisingly straightbut I suggest you demo it for yourself to see how it works for you. The mcahspeed of the new Machspeed Black is also deeper and has an expanded sweet spot for fast, consistent ball speeds across the width of the face.

Nike Golf Vr-S Forged vs. Nike Golf Japan SQ Machspeed Forged

A search will provide you with the info you seek. A new round model compliments the ultra-forgiving, square headed version.

Several functions may not work. Is the Method Model for straigh back straight through strokes?

The deep weight is delivered by the 30g And when I did miss, it felt like the SQ MachSpeed did not compound the miss, but rather helped to straighten it out — I definitely noticed that my misses were less severe with this driver. Comments I sliced with the square dymo srt8 fit is this driver straighter.


I was very glad I did. Posted 02 March – My clubhead speed was about Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Product Review: Nike SQ MachSpeed Driver | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

maachspeed Three different head constructions fine tune feel and distance control across the Hopefully I can get this driver in the next few months! Machspeef being said, it is easy to work the ball with this driver, especially with aid of an open or closed face angle position. Like many other popular forged irons, carbon steel is the material of choice, and goes through a precision forging process where they come out and a near-finished level. Both the mid- and long irons have been tweaked to make this set even more uniform in both appearance and performance.

Created using modern muscle geometry. Nike Golf now has two distinct product lines — the Victory Red line including driverfairway woods, hybrids and irons that is targeted primarily to better players but also includes forgiving clubs for average players such as the higher-lofted drivers and the full cavity irons and the SQ MachSpeed line that is aimed at mid- to high-handicappers who can take full advantage of the advanced game improvement technologies in these clubs.

This latest revision is more flexible and allows for a greater natural range of motion thanks to a machspeev Power Channel. Looking ahead toit will be machs;eed big year for VR.

Product Review: Nike SQ MachSpeed Driver

At address, the top line of the long and mid-irons has been reduced so that the difference between them and the short iron blades is nearly indistinguishable. Despite being one of the most compact game-improver clubs on the market, the VR Pro Cavity still combines a confidence-inspiring topline with a forgiveness-enhancing cavity in the rear of the club.


Progressive sole widths and RZN filled cavities in the long irons and muscle cavity backs in the short irons enhance playability throughout the set. While the first generation was designed to launch the ball higher, this new one produces a lower ball flight and lower spin as well.

And especially when I hit the ball on the sweet spot, the ball just took off from the clubface.

Nike Irons Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The Nike Lunar Control golf shoes will be available on January 1st in a number of colorways, including the following: As you can imagine, dont expect to find excessively low and deep weighting in these — the CG is tuned for workability and precise control, not forgiveness. Nike Lunarlon foam is a new cushioning system and is another product of their Innovation Kitchen.

All our workable clubs different flight patterns and trajectories fall under VR. I have had the nike machspeed sq driver for a while and I just bought the irons to match.

Of course the further I hit a shot from the center of the club face the less distance I got, but if I hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the clubface I got surprisingly good distance out of the shot.

This is the third full blade set Nike has ever made, and is a successor to the forged TW Blades.