It’s been dropped in muddy puddles, had a tree fall on it, been tossed against concrete and brick walls, it even fell into wet cement It even comes with a selection of faceplates in iPod-like colors such as blue, pink, and green. This phone is crap. Inside the LG LX, you’ll find a gorgeous internal screen that measures 2 inches diagonally. You can’t alter the backlighting time, but you can change the wallpaper and use the display as a viewfinder for self-portraits. When the phone is opened, users are treated to a beautiful, clean display that supports , colors on a screen with a x resolution.

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Skip to main content. However, if that’s not important to you, I’d highly recommend this phone. It depends on the quality of the antenna with the system you are receiving the signal on.

LG Fusic LG550 – Black White (Sprint) Cellular Phone

The new phones aim to right the wrongs committed by the ROKR and other previous attempts, yet are still cusic much the product of compromises between corporate conflicts.

Now, how do I transmit?

I change cell phones every few months and I know a good one when I use one. Inside the LG LX, you’ll find a gorgeous internal screen that measures 2 inches diagonally. While it is a standard practice among the carriers, it’s always a slap in the face when a company so blatantly disables a feature that should be a fair-use right of all users in order to protect carriers’ revenue streams.

The external screen displays an impressive 65, colors on a 96×96 resolution display.


If you’re buying a new iPhone, this should be your starting point. The call quality is clean enough, but it won’t be wowing anyone for reception excellence.

The phone has a 1. Cause some ringtones I want I can’t find.

If your Fusic has problems and is still within its warranty period, you could contact LG support or the fuwic you purchased the phone from. For hands-free use, there’s Bluetooth, voice commands, voice dialing, and a duplex speakerphone you can activate before you make a call. Plug that cable into your computer and once it detects the hardware, you will problably have an error.

LG Fusic Reviews

Then when that song is done you need to scroll back into your music files and select the next song to play, rather than just playing down the list of songs in your files. The third time, they gave me a replacement version of this phone because they couldn’t fix it.

This model is discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase new. It seemed fine until it started disconnecting every time I made a call. Show More Show Less. You want to download music CDMA phones are noted for their excellent call quality and long battery life. It will give you years of service withot problems. For the most part, the phone’s reception was far from extraordinary, rarely reaching a full signal and catching some interference when you got your head in the oven.

I think its common with newer phones. Don’t show this again. My phone is about ten month old and I have developed a problem.


Do you own, or have you used this product? I can’t use my memory card, it just get’s really hot and freezes my phone when I try. If you can transfer songs from your phone to the PC, that’d be one thing, but considering that the OTA downloads aren’t.

Another way to see what you are playing is to go to Menu and then press 9 then 1 then press the media file and your songs cusic be there ready to play if anyone is still having problems please comtinue to write fudic here and i will try and see what happened.

If you only subscribe to two fjsic three channels at a time, it’ll cost you about the same as the other mobile video services.

LG Fusic LG – Black White (Sprint) Cellular Phone | eBay

I just received my LG I’d sit my fusjc on the dashboard and listen to tunes through the car radio. Closed the Wizard and grab your cellphone, go to menu go to tools press ok then go to mass storage rusic ok and the computer would detect the device then you are ready to put music on it.

They said the warranty would be not be covered because Sprint noticed the moisture sensor had been activated.