JavaScript code to control the keystrokes on entry. Therefore if this occurs, you can report the bug and refer to here for a solution. It works with pdflatex and also with standard “latex” used with dvips and ghostscript or dvipdfm to build a PDF file. At present the only types of link distinguished are citations, page references, URLs, local file references, and other links. This should be a set of four numbers. Instead of sending the user to the desired label, upon clicking the user will be sent to the first frame. L a T e X is a great tool for printable professional-looking documents, but can be also used to generate PDF files with excellent navigation tools.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: Determines how the file is opened.

How to make clickable links in LaTeX

This can be useful e. You simply have to add the string run: If you don’t need such a high customization, here are some smaller but useful examples. JavaScript code to control the keystrokes on entry.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Similar to Dissolve, except the effect sweeps across the screen. This url absolutely won’t llatex over lines, though; the hypperef package is better for that. Makes the footnote marks into hyperlinks to the footnote text.

Set all border color options. Easily broken … encap Sets encap character for hyperindex linktoc text section make text sectionpage number pageboth all or nothing none be link on TOC, LOF and LOT linktocpage boolean false make page number, not text, be link on TOC, LOF and LOT breaklinks boolean false allow links to break over lines by making links over multiple lines into PDF links to the late target colorlinks boolean false Colors the text of links and anchors.


The URL that will receive the form data if a Submit button is included in the form.

How to make clickable links in LaTeX

FitBH top Fits the width of the page bounding box to the window. Hide links removing color and border. I enclose the difference in a pdf file. Two lines sweep across the screen to reveal the new page. That’s the old-fashioned way which should work with hyperref.

Displays two pages, odd-numbered pages to the right since PDF 1. In the example below they will both be blue, how can I make each link have a different color? Hyperret you can see an example:. To fix this, you need to use the option breaklinks when first declaring:.


You can also get an external URL to the hypertarget by appending label to the URL for the file, or right clicking one of the altex to the target and copying the URL, or getting the link from the headings in the sidebar of the PDF, or through a process of deduction from viewing e.


If you load it, you will have the possibility to include interactive external links and all your internal references will be turned to hypetref.

Well, either it is an issue with your computer, or it is an issue with how you are doing things. If any one is null, the source link value is used.

hyperref – How to use different colors for different \href commands? – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

If your url’s are too long and running off of the page, try using the breakurl package to split the url over multiple lines. TwoColumnRight Displays the document in two columns, odd-numbered pages to the latexx.

Latrx two can be combined. The subscripts and everything else make the font look very strange when it compiles. This should be a set of four numbers. Sets up hyperref for use with the dviwindo Windows previewer. Sets up hyperref for use with the dvipdfm driver. This is not the only manner to insert hyperlinks manually.

Here, I simply say dvipdf, mean latex-dvi-ps-pdf using latex dvips ps2pdf.