Pieces of the computer puzzle are finally starting to fall into place, and buying a new system is getting a whole lot less confusing than it was just a few months ago. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The audio connectors are an exception, located in the middle of the PCI slots. You can find more information on the recently released ALC at Realtek. The option headers are mostly lined up at the bottom of the board edge, an out-of-the-way location.

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Please update your bookmarks and be sure to visit the new and improved Ninjalane at Hardwareasylum. I’m sure they’ll have that little anomaly fixed in future revisions of the manual.

Soltek K8TPro-939: Moving A64 to 939

A better location would k8ptro been the top board edge or upper right board edge. Aside from the Soltek 99 you won’t find any fancy graphics on the front or back of this board. With a standard-width video card, you could use slot 5 in a pinch.

Soltek did get the bulky pin out of the way and that is more than what many designs do. A better location would have been above the PCI slots. You can find more information on the recently released ALC at Realtek. This contrasts to nVidia’s nForce family, which has both HT and HT versions depending on the target board.

Wednesday, November 17, We’ve rarely seen this before and we appreciated the attention to detail. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Soltek did a great job with the user manual itself.


Internet users will not see a slow-down, and generally, this will not make much if any difference in real-world performance. The IDE connectors are in our preferred right edge of the motherboard, but they are below mid-line where they may be a reach k8tpo a full tower case design.

The Port 80 diagnostics card built onto the motherboard is a great feature, one which I wish more manufacturers would adopt as standard equipment. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. With that in mind, it’s good new that PCStats is reviewing an affordably priced AGP8X based motherboard produced by Soltek over the next few pages for you today. That should be enough for even the most hardcore of users.

I’ve gotten so used Port 80 cards that I’m often lost at the beginning when I work on a motherboard without one The 4-pin 12V is also best on the upper right edge, l8tpro on the Soltek, the 4-pin power connector is placed between the CPU and IO ports.

This location on the board edge rarely interferes with processor air flow. The ALC Codec provides four pairs of stereo outputs, with 5-Bit volume controls and multiple stereo and mono inputs, along with flexible mixing, and gain and mute functions.

Most case designs will have no issue with this location, however. The location at the bottom right edge of the motherboard is terrible, 99 is a very long reach in most any case. But now that AMD’s socket processor has been embraced by enthusiasts and gamers alike, there really is no other option in town.


Privacy policy and Terms of Use. We were fortunate enough to acquire an early Athlon64 based on the Clawhammer core with a 1 Meg of L2 cache and because of this many of our reviews have been favorable in terms of performance. The same sort of situation hit AMD recently too. Maximum Motherboard Overclock and K8rpro.

Basic Features: Soltek K8TPro – Soltek K8TPro Moving A64 to

In a full k8tprk case, you will have to find a super long floppy cable to reach this location. As you can guess from the title this board supports the Athlon64 processor giving you everything found in the pin version and a dual channel memory controller.

If you still use or need audio cables, you will have to be careful routing them in this busy area. Not quite as fast k8tppro as much bandwidth as HyperTransport, but that’s more than enough for today’s PC. This is not a great location for the 12V, but we had no real issues in our case setup.