How do I get it to not show tablet mode at all? It’s not perfect, but I think it’s the best thing MS has done so far. Now whenever you click the Start button, it will open in full screen. Almost everything is highly configurable. So if I’ve read your post correctly Ken this shouldn’t be an issue for me?

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If it’s the mesh, you have to go back to the modeling program and check it for issues like duplicated verts, duplicated faces, inverted face normals common issue depending on how its modeledetc. Intended to aid barcode ticket designers in making tickets with high acceptance in JCM acceptor equipment. KenJun 25, I think this cannot be changed.

Best way to set up JCM’s in conforming clothing.

If there are no more versions then I may need to investigate Linux As opposed to how it was in Win8, Win10 will not force you to use apps, and you can make it look like it was in Win7 if you like it. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

So Win10 is not just another version, but a whole uzc approach and concept. There are 2 possibilities: RAMWolffJun 28, Not to mention all the crap on the desktop that only confuses her.


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Mine is installed on my D: This version allows selection of the com port. This should look just like it used to be in Windows 8, which I personally hated on a desktop.

I’ve got a case open with SM about it, but in the mean time, I’ve having a hard time figuring out if some related issues I have are because Poser is freezing while I’m trying to set things up, or if it’s because there’s a better way to do things.

If you want to create your own, or fix an existing one imported from Dawn the most common casejust use the Morphing Tool if you are in Poser to fix the morph shape instead of creating a new one. Gadget GirlJun 28, Win10 comes with a customer feedback feature built-in, where you can submit your suggestions, and if enough people share the same ideas, they will add it to Windows. In this case you will have to drive it yourself, by attaching it to some dial that is driven by the figure.

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Which leads me to question number two. Quite so often SMS has been asking people NOT to install things in the same drive as the operating system because of the permission restrictions. Those can be black smudges or parts ucm disappear or looks odd. KenJun 29, Is it better to have the master parameter on the clothing item, or on the figure it will conform to.


Which was funny since I was running the script inside of Poser. The Fitting Room simplified the rigging process quite a bit comparing to the Setup Room.

Walking Times Between Buildings

The reason I ask, is that when I’m teaching to set up the JCMs, sometimes it won’t let me change their value, as if they are already being controlled.

If you rig a mesh with issues, crazy things may happen, like holes that appear when the clothing is posed, parts that disappear after grouped, black smudges that show in renders, and so on.

Best way to set up JCM’s in conforming clothing. That’s what let’s them conform.

PendraiaJun 28, PendraiaJun 30, I am not sure, but I think Windows has changed how it handles program data between Win7 and Win8, introducing the roaming and local profiles. MS has announced that Win10 will be the last Windows version.

Then I chose the little gear and told it to Apply to Enclosed Items so that it would do the same for all sub-folders. This means there won’t be a Win11, but instead a Win10 that will keep evolving constantly with every update.