Press the function key [F1] through [F4] corresponding to the number of the group whose registered tool you wish to change. This is done by inserting a special tool in the plotter that produces holes instead of plotting with a pen or cutting with a blade. Also, getting it talking to my computer is another unknown. If this function is enabled, the plotter begins feeding as soon as initializing finishes. A note on Inkscape, there is a cutting plugin called InkCut, but I haven’t gotten it to work correctly.

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I recommned the professional version so you can do contour cuts. Garphtec 14, 5. The jaggedness is caused by an excessive number of line segments for small characters. May 14, 4. The pen carriage then moves left until it detects the left hand side of the media edge. Be sure to set the transmitting conditions to match the setting of your software applications NOTE: Make sure the pen holder screw is loose.

Cutting Plotters : Software & Drivers

We are using a as well, they still have the grapthec plugin that only works on older versions of Illy, ver 9 I believe. Have two people set the plotter without the Conveyor Rollers and Media installed on the Stand assembly using the index pins to align on the left and right top mounting brackets of the stand. Secure the media alignment bar to the tabs at both ends with M4 flat head screws.


When the mirror mode is enabled, the origin and coordinate axes are changed as shown in the figure below. You must choose between 32 bit and graphtecc bit. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals.

You may re-load another larger media to achieve the number the copies you wish to cut. Page 91 Page 92 – Tangential emulation – cutting tiny lett The self test pattern is repeatedly printed until the plotter is turned off. I know for a fact that the plotter worked just fine before it was taken out of service in favor of a newer model. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

driving a Graphtec FC4100-75

FC 42 inches graohtec wide. The hook opening MUST face away from the velcro fasteners. Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden. Various types of plungers are available which correspond to the diameter and type of the blade used.

Page h x Graphtec doesn’t really support the FC any longer, they do have some downloads available, but nothing for current versions of Illy.



Page Page – Self test – running the self test Page Page – Troubleshooting – the plotter is turned Page of Go. Remove the holder B. Sets the force to be applied by the cutter blade during cutting, the hole punching force during pouncing, and the plotter pen pressure during When moving the media to the left or right be sure to move the roll as required to ensure that no slack develops in the media.

While keeping tension on the vinyl, adjust the vinyl edges so that both edges match accurately. Right now I am loading an Ubuntu system with Tux Plot to see if I can run the same cutter with free software.

I also had to purchase a cable from graphtec. Thank you MZ Skeeter, I will definitely give that a shot, let’s see if that driver is compatible with Windows Remove the blade from the holder A.

This software has numerous drivers, to include the Graphtec series. Nov 20,