Right clicking on the icon should let you open the printer properties. Universal Power Supply C32C Get the initial settings of the Ethernet Adapter Card Turn off power on printer. Remove the existing interface board from the printer by unscrewing 2 screws. The Ethernet III module only supports , and baud rates. RJ Female connector on computer and adapter end. Go back and repeat step C from the beginning.

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Paper size roll paper. The module can be set by accessing it directly using a web browser or by a configuration utility. Good luck and thank you Mark and Steve! Don’t forget to make the same changes on the computer side to maintain connectivity.

If changing a printer to Ethernet you must change the specific dip switch on the Epson printer to allow for the Ethernet card. WH Wall hanging bracket C32C Other products in this range. Testing the Neteork You should now be ready to test the nnetwork by printing some text or by pressing the “Print Test Page” button in the General Tab of the printer properties.

After printing, don’t forget to return DIP switch 1 to the off position.


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What you need to know How to change the IP address of the computer. If you need a hard worker that’s easy to use and versatile, this is the ideal impact receipt printer. Make sure you line up the black card plug with the black socket inside the printer. Disconnect the printer from the ethernet switch, install it in its final location, then call your TNT Helpdesk to have the printer activated in your system. The printer is not online in Windows.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Confirm network settings using the adapter self test. To connect to your local network the Ethernet printer must be set to settings compatible with networ, network.

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Using a web browser, type the default IP address found on a label on the interface card into the address field of your web browser. The configuration netwogk should appear. You can directly connect a printer with an Ethernet interface to a computer using a crossover cable not the same as a patch cable.

To set the settings on the adapter you must first connect to the adapter in its current or default state.


The Type IV adapter can replace the existing adapter and is held in place by 2 screws. The TM-U is a robust, high performance impact receipt printer which is exceptionally easy to use.

Confirm the settings for the other devices. You should see a screen similar but not identical to this: Ntework the printer off. It is easily inserted and held in with two screws.

Epson TM-UB (BC): Ethernet, PS, EDG – Epson

Select the Ports Tab. Get the initial settings of the Ethernet Adapter Card Turn off power on printer. Wait for the green LED on the module to start blinking! Power the Printer up, with Ethernet Module installed. For example if the epon was set to Contact Us Submit your contact details below and an Epson expert will be in touch: Assuming you have a successful printout of the default factory settings, you are ready to complete the final steps:.