This provides you with another copy of the data in case you find there are any problems with the data exported in the previous section. However, it involves more steps since you are replacing the existing layers. Be sure the new hosted feature layers have the same names as the old hosted feature layers. Click Yes to confirm that you want to unregister this database. Open-source support for our most popular DAQ devices. Advanced DAQ devices specializing in dynamic signal analyzers and isolated data acquisition.

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Data logging and data export features can be unlocked by purchasing the software.

Dataq DI driver

Change the existing managed database to a registered database Beginning with From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Contact us here if an entry needs to be removed. The item page for daaq new file geodatabase opens. This option requires you to complete fewer steps.

You also need to reset layer settings in maps and re-create presentations and apps that contain the feature layers. Be aware that limux method copies the data and creates new services and layers and, therefore, requires you to reset sharing and other properties on the new hosted feature layers, reapply styles to layers in maps, re-create presentations, and republish apps.

Create a relational data storeproviding the URL to your hosting server to register the data store with it. You are starting from scratch with the feature layers and have to reset all layer item settings. Reset properties, such as sharing, editing, and delete protection, on the new hosted feature layer. Submit Web Links Submit the title and link including https: Once the existing hosted feature layers are deleted, maps and apps that used these layers will no longer function.


Data Acquisition with Dataq Instruments DI-194, DI-194RS and DI-154RSs

Once you’ve configured the enterprise geodatabase as a registered database, you can install ArcGIS Data Store and configure a relational data store with your hosting llnux to be used for all newly published hosted feature layers.

Replace liunx managed database with a relational data store. Before you have the owners delete their hosted dtaq layers, create a backup of the managed database. In this topic Option 1: After 30 days, all features except for data logging and data export will continue to be available. The portal administrator can perform these steps to export all hosted feature layer data before you configure ArcGIS Data Store. You need to replace the hosted feature layers in existing maps, reset styling in the map, re-create presentations in the maps, and republish apps that used these maps.

If you dxtaq need the existing enterprise geodatabase as a data source for other clients or web services, you can delete it after you republish all your hosted feature layers. Add dxtaq measurements to your Raspberry Pi application following this step-by-step guide on how to acquire data from most MCC data acquisition devices. The settings applied to the feature layers persist. The portal administrator or hosted feature layer owners must delete the same hosted feature layers they exported in the previous section.


Although the feature layers are no longer hosted, they still run on the GIS Server site you have designated as your portal’s hosting server, and the services appear in the Hosted folder in ArcGIS Server Manager.

liux Existing feature layers continue to function. The republished hosted feature layers have more functionality. Be sure the new hosted feature layers have the same names as the old hosted feature layers.

Our stand-alone data loggers provide solutions for recording temperature, voltage, current, humidity and more. A DIE has a tag e. Republishing gets all your hosted feature layer data in the same data store and provides all your hosted feature layers with the same level of functionality.

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You don’t have to rebuild the apps that contain the feature layers.