Add viri, crash, crash crash, expensive software and nothing that compares with Final Cut Studio available for the PC then add in that I can run Windows 7 on my macs should I so choose, and Macs win hands down. I’ve streamd with Chasertv. More a tinkerers dilemma. Thank you very much. Jodie New member Username:

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You are going to need a firewire cable connection from the camcorder to the PC. What works for one person may not work for another person. Two months later they still don’t know what they are doing even with all the “help” from you PC freaks.

I’ve streamd with Chasertv. Jodie New member Username: You don’t have to be a hobbyist and build a custom box. The card package contained a short cable so short I had to leave the camera besides uusb PC case and a CD with Ulead software.

Can you imagine living uab door to such a big headed, chest thumping fella? I don’t need a Mac.


Full Body Housing for BLU Dash C DU – Blue –

Feb 25, Messages: The software is very user friendly. In the 2 months you have been chattering about this i have captured, edited, printed to video and authored to DVD over 40 hours of video. The red, white, and yellow connectores on the camera cord are male, and connect to the red, white and yellow female connectors on the VCA item a USB device – search for a VCA to buy one that I bought that has the USB connector on the other end of it.

For the home hobbyist who wants to build his own sure, you can build a cheap PC.

If anyone knows the solution, I could really use some help!!! Your name or email address: You can read about it here: Earphone for BLU Dash 4.

JVC GR-D370U mini dv to pc…..i really need some help

It’s a matter of choice. The “chip” has nothing to do with a computers vulnerability to a virus or worm.

Berny Platinum Member Username: I will strongly look at ChaserTV in the near future. I don’t need to flaunt as you obviously love to do. My advice was and is in the most simple terms, “get the right tool for the job”. Pretty much uwb and drag. Naw, ussb seem to enjoy pissing more than video So I guess as long as I buy any 4 pin to 4 pin cable which is what I need it should work.


Do a search on “DV output to firewire” and you will get plenty of hits. Of course, you need a firewire input on your PC.

No need to install any drivers. Posted on Sunday, December 30, – Yes, my password is: You can’t transfere d3700u with the USB cable. Everyone has been respectful of everyone else’s suggstions As to cost of mac vs PC, Old argument no longer valid.