By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Regardless, thanks for the link. This is far too broad, and mostly off-topic as it is about macOS. It shows up as a COM port and a network interface by default, and we want the device to appear as a USB device and a network interface. I had similar symptoms before, boot stalled almost everytime seconds after the kernel started last message something with USB. Says no driver download needed. What we’re trying to do seems fairly mundane, so I’d think it could be made to work without our own driver code.

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As I understand you have already tried the Hotfix but it did not help, so try performing these methods and check if it helps.

This is far too broad, and mostly off-topic as it is about macOS. Rmdis has resulted in hideous ‘identity switching’ hacks in early USB cellular modems, for example — pa.

With this composite device, it is not longer enumerating on the USB bus. A WinUSB or libusb device that can work directly with a usermode application? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Please refer the below Microsoft Article on Clean Boot: Any suggestion is appreciated. Is it really necessary to install drivers on Windows vadget this or adjust network configuration?!

Please report your issues here: Bus Device Power threw gpio or jack is always erratic so far. Is this process documented? I can ssh into the rpi zero from the Mac with ssh pi raspberrypi.

Clear Spot RNDIS Driver?

Log in or Sign up. Yes, Windows recognizes composite USB devices and installs a special driver a. I need to know the answer erhernet this specific question because the default behavior of Windows 10 does not do this.

Looking forward regarding potential performance tuning tweaking some basic network tunables might increase performance drasticallysolving the random MAC address issue and compatibility reports does the necessary one-line patch affects reliability of the OTG port used in host mode? USB as Ethernet Gadget.

RNDIS USB ethernet device not being detected in WINDOWS x64

I’m running Windows 10, and went through the whole process of test signing and everything. They are not part of the question I am asking. If am right It can save me network cables between my H3 boards and network switch or I can hung up more those devices on that one switch.

It should work on Windows I tested tkaiser’s prebuilt kernelbut there were problems after unloading and loading back different gadget modules, “no network cable” on PC side and errors in dmesg on the board. The Plus 2E acts then as a multi port bridge switch between the different Ethernet gadget devices so DHCP requests will reach the router, a DHCP lease will be assigned and they can access devices on the Ethernet, the internet if default gateway is set up correctly and also each other.


Btw I have a problem: This seems like a very basic question. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know of a legitimate site to find and download this driver for free?

USB gadget/RNDIS Reset Problem

Is there a etyernet to change the INF to allow for that? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Thursday, December 28, 6: The content you requested has been removed. What could be the problem with my setup on the windows?

Unfortunately the problem did not go away.

However, you may receive the original error message, or experience the original behavior if the problem still exists.