I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve emailed Terratec with my comments and some of the bugs I’ve experienced. Sun Jun 13, 2: Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. It is thus flat and unattractive, and according to Terratec all the round cables they tried resulted in reduced sound quality. My listening was done using Klipsch Promedia 4.

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Multiple supported programs can be open at once, of course, and I think the one that was last controlled using the remote software has primacy. I think the supplied cable is long enough for even the largest tower case, however. I bought this card to his cot “all in one”: I haven’t touched on a lot of areas, but thus far, the only really serious negative mark for the Universe is the somewhat unpredictable state of its unievrse.

I haven’t tested any of the other software that comes with the Universe yet, but it does include. Univeres Controls And Indicators.

But at this point it looks like no joy. This is the first I’ve heard of these cards. They used RightMark as a benchmark. It is thus flat and unattractive, and according to Terratec all the round cables they tried resulted in reduced sound quality. When you press a button on the remote, a small note at the top of the screen shows what you pressed, as well as its function in the current context.


Besides DScaler, if you know otherwise, please let me know! However, the latest drivers are much better than those delivered on CD-ROM, the sound is better and easier to use. The breakout box goes into a 5.

User reviews: Terratec Aureon Universe – Audiofanzine

It was as though everything was playing instantaneously: Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. I bought my card at studica. Here’s what is included. A marriage of a better remote with Terratec’s control software would be fantastic, but unfortunately it isn’t found here. They unkverse make nice products. In games do you game and just listening to music for instance.

Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe impressions (long)

In fact it is even not a question of drivers, but this map captures all the buzz of fans came to the first click and mouse movement! Definitely handy for programs that shy away from hotkeying every function.

Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5, It can also lead to some confusion, but has the advantage of not requiring a task switch to control something running in the background. Still an issue is that the control panel software, if one chooses to keep it ajreon the icon tray, will always be maximized on system start.


Post more reviews pls?

Loss of same during the session. Color schemes can be changed.

Log in Become a member. Up to 9 programs can be activated directly using the remote, although you can have any number of profiles stored. There is a button on the remote to by default select what app you want to use or open.


They are also more complete than what follows. It comes with the card, drivers and manual, and no other extras that one would usually toss in a drawer and forget about. The software comes with several built-in settings for various programs mostly of the media player persuasion but editing or creating new profiles for programs is 7.11 intuitive.

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