I didn’t bother for weeks to remedy this because it just seemed too complicated. So one must say there was an intermittent fault in the Unit that was causing the problems not the Driver in my case but there may be Driver problems in other respects on other machines. Installation is as simple as plugging it in, letting Windows chug away at installing your drivers, then checking your Control Panel settings. Ihe idea was to turn it into an MP3 server for my Hi-Fi. Plist depending on the chip used. There have been no reviews added as of yet. Post on the given link contains zipped package for automated install.

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Ihe idea was to turn it into an MP3 server for my Hi-Fi.

Skype is much clearer using the Aureon than using the Macbook’s headphone output, and the mic signal is very clear much clearer than using the udb built in mic. Just drag and drop the kext to ext. Grab the latest driver from m-audio.


Learn more about Aurwon Prime. Purchased One ksb these years ago and it has been very useful. This file isnt easy to get unless you have a Logic install disk so i posted it on rapidshare. This apparently is a problem as there are a number of Blogs complaining about this problem with the Mac Driver apparently the Windows Driver works fine but that doesn’t help me any. Do you already have an account?


Customer reviews

This page was last modified on 2 Januaryat Sound tends to come out of left speaker only on some chipsets. Why is ‘bit perfect ajreon you might ask? It pairs perfectly with the excellent and cheap Logitech Z speakers.

Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. Together they deliver a quality that, while a long way from audiophile, is warm, rather than harsh, and clear enough for films, and casual listening to music, if you don’t need too much bass.

The volume is loud from the computer. According to Terratec’s web site, it doesn’t look like the Aureon 5.

This page has been accessed 1, times. This is their basic version for casual voice chat use.

:Customer reviews: Terratec Aureon Dual USB Sound Card for PC and Notebook

If the media player you are using was open when you plugged this in you just need to close it and then re-open. SPDIF and analog out are fully supported.

But bear in mind that you will be unable to record streaming audio from Internet radio stations as a USB soundcard does not have a stereo mixer.


Full working Midi Controller and Soundcard with 2 ms latency. Start the utility from system preferences before opening any sound apps. If you don’t find a driver for your device, you may also try to patch an existing kernel extension to add support for your device.

According to reviews I read elswhere on the net, it even makes itself the default device if you already have a sound card installed. The microphone input is mono as you would expect. DJ PhatsoNov 25, Bought this to get optical into my outboard DAC on the cheap.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. It will drive my headphone not problem as well. My laptop audio connectors don’t work in Windows 7, but they were fine with Vista known problem with my laptop. I didn’t bother for weeks to remedy this because it just seemed too complicated.

I hope this will help some one that is struggling for answers like I was. May need setting full-duplex manually.