Views Read Edit View history. The original ImageWriter was a re-packaged 9-pin dot matrix printer from C. A9M was the second and longest running model. Join our Mailing List by adding your email address below and be kept up to date with lots of information including:. Quality was adequate rather than startling.

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Imagewritrr user always bears complete responsibility for any system modifications he or she chooses to make, and the ImageWriter printers are obsolete products for which Apple’s support was abandoned years ago. Click a screenshot to make it larger and more legible. Itoh Electronics model C. After the driver is loaded an alert may appear indicating that “new network interfaces were detected” and need to be configured.

Apple ImageWriter A9MP – Computing History

No external power supply need for this printer, just a standard computer power cable will do. Leave Keyspan Serial Assistant in your Applications folder since you may need it to refer to these names in the future. In other words, it was compatible with every single computer Apple ever made, except for the original Apple or Apple 1until the iMac was introduced in On the next page select your printer. Cables and adapters are commonly available from sources such as Monoprice.

Disregard the fact that the baud rate did not seem to change. Currently Out of Stock Network your printer with two or more computers! Blotchy discoloration from light on the left and back to severe on the right. Color ribbons are harder to find though. Open Safari or other browser and type localhost: Snow White in color, it was introduced with the Apple IIc.


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If you wish to share the printer, open Sharing Preferences and select ” Printer Sharing”: New or NOS ribbons are also available from aftermarket sources. With the adapter connected and its driver correctly installed, the kernel extension will now appear in System Information as KeyspanUSAdriver: That makes the Ghostscript component impossible to install, at least the way it is packaged in spple present form.

A9M was the second and longest running model. On that page, click the Administration tab, then click the “Add Printer” button under the “Printers” heading.


Most of the information and nearly all the links in the other files are outdated so do not bother with them. Apple hardware before There will be a brief pause as the CUPS interface completes the printer installation, after which a summary page will briefly appear, finally reflecting the correct baud rate and other settings.

Special thanks to Matt Broughton for maintaining the serial backend package installer, to Grant Bennet-Alder for his patient and frequent assistance in Apple Support Communities, to Michael Sweet for having developed CUPS, to Apple for buying it from him thereby assuring its continued viability, imzgewriter to the many contributors to The Linux Foundation’s Open Printing Project without whose work many expensive and reliable printers would no longer be usable.


Color images and text could be produced by using a color ribbon, and eight colors were supported by the original version of QuickDraw on paple Macintosh despite running on a monochrome platform. Ikagewriter printer was essentially a re-packaged 9-pin dot matrix printer from C. Contact me if you would like a photo.

Readable URL addresses have been incorporated that way intentionally, so that the user may confirm they are not redirecting to some undesired site.

ImageWriter – Wikipedia

Quality was adequate rather than startling. Their latest driver version 2.

It is not necessary to remove the card itself. One possible source is eBay vendor kraydad.

The AC imagewritr and serial port were moved to the side of the body rather than in the legs. On the next page select Apple from the ” Make ” list then click Continue: Light to medium discoloration. It has been glued.