Professional 2K Workflow The capture card is an essential component for an efficient 2K video workflow. Either way you go, your hard drives shouldn’t give you any problems under Kona SD. After several tests I performed, it appears that there is a slight luminance shift in rendered 8-bit effects in FCP. I’ve seen the stages from 1. The card is designed for use on the Macintosh platform, making it an excellent choice for Final Cut Pro users. You also have 30 days to return the system if it doesn’t meet your needs

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Hardware Keyer The card has a built-in hardware keyer that works with QuickTime to layer alpha-channel graphics over video.

AJA Kona SD – video input adapter – PCI 64 Overview – CNET

Basically, the rendered effect becomes slightly brighter when “Super-White” is selected as the YUV white space. Otherwise, the directions and examples are nice. The following converters were used as part of the review process: Prior to the point of sale CVP will endeavour to match the price on most products subject but not limited to the following criteria:.

Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: This has since changed with the installer application updating and installing all required files and preference file changes with no additional changes made manually by the end user. At any rate, you will need to wja a GeeThree Stealth serial card if you want proper RS deck control.


But more interestingly is that it may be a fault of the 8-bit codec. They’ll fix this for a future software update, but it’s safe to say that using the bit codec will give you all the accurate results you’ll need. The biggest thing you’ll probably notice is Kona’s rock solid stability under OSX. After all, what video professional out there doesn’t start their program on a standard or specific in-point?

As a side note, I also use a simple 4-ouput black burst generator by Burst Electronics, labeled the SG Those working on feature film work with shot footage will need Cinema Tools. If you don’t, the clip with the RT effect will pause in the beginning koona end of the clip on playback. Like the BNC cables, the power cable will not cause havoc should someone kick out a cable by accident.

Blackmagic DeckLink Quad 2. Once removed, everything was fine.

There are several options you can add to this unit if your needs require it. You will only need to render the portion where the overlapping RT effects occur.

AJA Kona SD – video input adapter – PCI 64

In fact, with the new Jaguar update comes added benefits to the Kona SD system. So how about a letterbox effect? This is actually really cool. Promotional offers aren’t eligible for price matching and must be the price in GBP at which the product is normally sold at.

This is a damn good card. Finance only available to UK incorporated limited companies. It’s safe to say there’s virtually no banding in tough gradients, no “mosquito edges” around contrasting colors like pure reds and holds up very well in my color sf test.


As James Brown wisely once said, “Get funky!

AJA Kona LHi PCIe Card

For the really tricked out BOB, check this puppy out from Leitch. No fee for a 3-year warrantee. Input Device Input Adapter Type. This would make sense because the “Super-White” setting needs to be changed to the “White” setting since the YUV render would need to compensate for the 8-bit codec’s microscopically brighter encoding value!

Seeking the path to an uncompressed capture card market seems like the right direction for them. As an Aurora Igniter Film user myself, I can say that my animation workflow has become dependant on this feature.

I guess it’s safe to say there actually is one major flaw to the system; I have to return these toys back to AJA and Midiman. He owns and operates OneRiver Mediawhich focuses on producing animated content for broadcast, as well as serving production needs for content developers.