Opening the W will work the same way as for the W Cloning the disk worked best by cloning it straight to the replacement SSD. Glad to hear that Jim, thanks for the feedback! It was created by the Reflect software based on the W Windows OS instance and is therefore 32 bit and includes a copy of Reflect if I ever need to go down this path again. Tweaking 4 All will never share your email address with others. I need more room. I broke to openings, but the tablet closes nevertheless.

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Now when taking those two parts apart, we want to prevent that we rip those little openings, below you see an enlarged geaphics of the opening part. Nobody would ever need more than Kb RAM? Acr, the result of over 2. Great to see you here and thank you for the very nice compliment — it makes it worth writing more articles. Too bad that this alternative is still remote from a touch-optimized desktop the like of iOs or Android 3.

Other than that, though Windows 10 is great.

Buy the time someone with the electronics knowhow has managed to work out what component goes where, they will have to purchase all the parts, pcie connector, sim holder, numerous resistors and capacitors, transistors, the costs involved in parts and labour make the job uneconomical. This could lead to synchronization errors, such as sound crackling or rgaphics deviations, when external peripherals are connected.


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Last night I once again read your instructions, and again this morning. It took several attempts with current disk axer software iclnia I found a successful path and the good news is that once I arrived there, the hardest thing became getting the case apart.

Oct 28, – 4: But nothing of the like is intended. The time consuming part is using a digital multimeter to work out which solder joint on the PCB relates to a part on the schematic. We checked the performance in comparison to the standard configuration of comparable netbooks and tablets.

W and related drivers

The process is straight forward:. Almost a kilogram for the tablet and over 1. I just wanted to plan a head and see what advise someone else with the same experience had before attempting replacement. It would seem this comment section restricts how many replies to one post you can respond to. Awesome and thanks for the feedback!

Acer Iconia Tab W500

It’s truly AwEsOmE to see that folks like our txb and small applications. No additional steps to create a MSB on the new drive were required.

Nov 27, – 2: Is it worth the upgrade? I managed to find the schematic for the W and thus proceeded to work w50 how i can add a USB pen.


Oct 3, – 5: However, gdaphics display size should be modified to really hit the small icons and symbols of Windows 7. Please, switch off ad blockers. Acer now has a computer in its array that can poach in both the tablet sector as well as in the netbook division with the Iconia Tab W Jun 16, – 4: In theory when the W boots up in to Windows, windows should automatically detect the port hub and anything that is connected to it, just like if you was to plug it in via the usb connector on bottom of the W Dec 10, – 6: Wprime m needs an almost endless s and the SuperPi calculation needs graphcs.

Acer homepage Acer notebook section.

Great to hear that the upgrade worked for you and definitely thank you for posting your steps — others will benefit from graphkcs.

Please, switch off ad blockers. I have also learnt remembered a lot, since an occasional visit to the CMD prompt is always good.