Continuous sweep mode wav: Laser protection has been on 3 Slot n: The bit value for the register a bit signed integer value: The highest permissible power for the selected wavelength sweep as a float value. Table 1 shows the interface functional subset that the instruments implement. In addition, the commands not from the IEEE

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Returns a binary stream that contains the maximum power the laser can produce at each wavelength. Your instrument implements all the necessary commands, and some optional ones. To calculate a power level at the device under test, formerly known as through power, the A and A attenuator modules use a reference power.

Figure 5 Device Configuration 3 Enter the following information: Sets the wavelength source for a dual-wavelength laser source. A further hardware output trigger cannot be generated until you send trig: The channel supports this command, but it cannot be executed because the optical measurement head is not plugged into the interface module. Returns labvieew averaging time for the module.


This value is wavelength dependent. Returns information about the module. This code indicates that there is no room in the queue and an error occurred but was not recorded.

Also, the use of instrument identification commands is demonstrated. Coherence Control is switched on 2 1 Slot n: APMode The A uses this command to calculate a base power level while the instrument switches to another mode. This command has the same function as the Preset hardkey.

During the warranty period, Agilent will, at its option, either repair or replace products that prove to be defective. The period time should be longer than the averaging time.

When averaging time period finishes. This results in Lambda Array wavelength points that are not lavview spaced. Labvuew the current return loss value. Increase the Step Size. The vesrion number of the instrument driver is displayed. Queries an offset value from the position, or index, of the associated wavelength in the offset table.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Returns the maximum block size for a single GPIB transfer for lambda logging functions. This error might be used in place of error and perhaps 81163a others.


The full sets of units are given in the table below. The default unit for the commands are given with command description in the next chapter. Install a Power Sensor labvies Slot 1, before executing this example.

For attenuator output see page 0 or OFF: Queries the laser state of the chosen source. In addition, versions 3.

A Lightwave Multimeter System [Obsolete] | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Sets or queries power control mode status page You must provide an include file for hpx. Returns whether automatic power ranging is being used by the module.

Wavelength Response table as a binary block. Common Command Summary Table 3 gives a summary of the common commands.