This message or the message: It’s probably more expensive but it also comes with a bit of peace of mind. We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. I’m told the Vista option is coming very soon. I’ll try dusting it. And kermit, i know that consoles are an awesome solution for most games, but a gaming computer is a definite must, if only to play the few games a console just can’t do justice for. As many have said, computers aren’t future proof — no matter how much money someone spends.

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Smelled like a steak was cooking, till I cleaned it all up! So basically windows would slow down, sometimes in 5 minutes of running, something it could last hours until it slowed down.

For example, how does the faster graphics card affect gaming performance? Sign up for a new account in our community. RIP January – August Games too were obviously affected. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service I’ve noticed that several games have added particles and fixed shading that were messed up in previous drivers, so expect prettier effects if you’re playing on high.


Though it is an interesting question to ponder why fullscreen games presents the pixels 7900gp using a window is just fine It seems you forgot about that.

Still more might mumble “What did he say, I was looking at intertube pr0n. Yeah, i ripped my knuckles open putting my massive Thermaltake fan on my PC the other week. It wasn’t really that snide, was it? If I played a movie or video in WMP, sometimes it would go to extreme slow motion for video, but the sound would play at normal pace.

Besides, Dell is quoting absurd prices when you compare it with what can be built with the same money at a computer fair.

Geoforms + Vista + Music

Updated my Bios to 4. Even with a brand name offering a gaming computer, i would still like to make my own one up.

Homer Sidal March 30, Most Active Forum Topics this week You see, I am thinking of buying a Mac. The email address for your Ubisoft account ivsta currently: I have a Dell with the same video card and I have no problem with driver No drivers were retained during the upgrade, so I went to a full install and alas, the same thing.


Yes, even though i noticed a few bugs.

Brand name screamer

It’s not like you did a proper comparison to what you can get independantly for the same price. So today I saw nVidia has a new Anyone having loading problems in Vista is advised to try these drivers out. Tony March 30, Don’t forget you can easily sell your old PC parts as well to subsidize any new upgrades. Posted September 24, If drivers don’t help then whats the heat like?

v VISTA 32bit | NVIDIA, LENOVO – Page 2 – 15x Series Driver Releases – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

It’s the classic Dell approach: Does the XPS get noticeably hotter than the E? I did an upgrade and full install to vista and concluded the ‘Vista Compatible’ sticker on my laptop was pointless. The thing I love is Dell’s extended warranty. Still same problem, just to different severities. Sign In Sign Up.