Thanks for your reply. Is there any alternative to closing a window under test where the SilkTest Close method is failing? Capture the message from Firefox alert boxes. Monday, February 6, 7: How do I workaround the “Registry section When I try to call a Java method using the invokeMethods function I receive the following error: Is it possible to send SilkTest results data such as the exceptlog and print statements to a text file?

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Member wInvoke is not defined for Windows I use this method to access to txt files. How can I resolve my application crashing when selecting from a listview in SilkTest? Application cannot be started — File not found”. The SilkTest option to show borderless tables is not working first time on java applet, generates error saying object doesn”t exist.


ERROR [07002] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.

How can I unpack my packaged project file and execute a Testcase through the excl line? What causes the SilkTest compile error on the constant variable sCmdLine “String constant cannot exceed characters”? MSTest Automation stops after approximately 30 minutes. Count the number of browser windows open prior to running a test using VB.


Why are column numbers and window ID in reverse for a htmltable?

How can HtmlTable recognition be increased within SilkTest? How do I have Option set”s 70002 different machines reference the same files for SilkTest? Are there any examples of extending 4Test functionality through DLL calling?

Silk Test does not list the Firefox browser as an available application to test against. How can I return the “style bit” of an object using 4Test? How can SilkTest return the system Bios Version?

How can I resolve an intermittant loss of injection on my Java app in SilkTest? When I execute a test against Google Chrome I receive the following error: How can I specify the number of decimal places in Str function with out specifying the length? What values are returned by the GetRect function in SilkTest? How can Microsotf be used to return the system time?

Net script in SilkTest Workbench. Using Multiple ActiveData Sheets in one script. How might I resolve the error message “Control is not responding” when attempting to select an item from an HtmlPopupList through SilkTest? I tried 3 both as a string and an integer Cannot find Silk Test Administration Folder.


The Android Stock browser is not listed in the “Select Browser” dialog.

ERROR [] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1. | eOne Solutions

What is a cause of an “Invalid timer handle” exception in SilkTest? Verifying bitmaps with SilkTest Workbench. How do I apply the administrator password in SilkMeter?

Tuesday, December 22, 7: Is there an alternative to the SilkTest method DoubleClick? A Runtime Error has occured – Do you wish to debug? Is there an easy way to open a Windows Explorer folder using SilkTest? How can SilkTest retrieve text which has been copied to the Clipboard? SilkTest does not recognize a Flex application in Firefox.